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Manisha Vatsayam

Business Development Manager

ICRI, India

This digital marketing training consists an amazingly knowledgeable trainer, the best course content and really impressive learning environment. I have received so much appreciation at my workplace for handling branding issues, which I have learned during the training. Thanks ScholarsPro for shaping my career.

Ritesh Garg

Vice President

ELI India, India

I would like to thank ScholarsPro for proving such a world-class learning environment. The training enables the latest version of the PMBOK and various project management hacks that has helped me in handling the organizational situations very efficiently later. ScholarsPro is really deserves appreciation and it is worth recommending.

Satyajeet Sharma


AGS Transact Technologies Ltd, India

The training was enriched with in-depth knowledge on the subject and introduced us with some of the amazing hacks which helps in the exam and after clearing the exam.   Thanks to ScholarsPro I have not only scored well in the exam, but dealt with the real time situations really well. Thanks ScholarsPro for providing us such a great mentor and made our learning experience so memorable.

Dinesh Kumar Lal

Senior Project Engineer

Rotary Engineering Limited, Singapore

Course offered by ScholarsPro have been very helpful in upgrading myself as a professional. I learned how to handle requests without much escalations. Moreover, I have achieved good scores in the exam and got clear insight on handling projects which results a good hike in my salary package. Great learning experience with ScholarsPro Thanks a lot!

Kuldeep Walia


IT Sector, India

This training helped me a lot in expanding my work and earning more. Everything about this training is just great, all from start to end training sessions  aimed to impart knowledge in an exquisite manner. I am impressed the way ScholarsPro provided training that is helping me in achieving my career goals.

Bhavna Singh

Market Development Senior Executive

Snapdeal, India

Being trained by the expert and experienced trainer helped me a lot in my career. I developed confidence to resolve industry based issues with a new vision through the practice sets given by ScholarsPro. Thanks to this training I have received so much appreciation at my workplace. cholarsPro is the destination for learning, I would definitely recommend it.

Baljinder Sachdeva

Marketing Head

IVF Fertility Centre, India

Being a marketing head, I have to deal with various client queries and other branding issues, after this digital marketing training from ScholarsPro I am now handling the client queries skillfully. Thanks to this training I would achieve my career goals sooner. ScholarsPro deserves appreciation and I would definitely recommend it to my peers.

Helly Shah

Content Writer

Abhik Advertising Pvt. Ltd, India

Digital marketing course by scholars helps me to gain knowledge in the field of marketing which helps me in understanding the parameters of social media for engaging traffic. This training has helped me a lot in getting promoted and being appreciated for my knowledge of Social Media Marketing. Thanks a lot ScholarsPro!

Aayush Bhardwaj


Student at NMIMS, India

ScholarsPro is the right place to learn digital marketing.Through this class I got the exposure to SEO, SMO and the trainer’s profile. The training was so interactive and interesting that has excited about pursuing my career as a digital marketing expert. It was a great joining ScholarsPro!


National Head - Business Development

Myk Schomburg India Pvt Ltd, India

The digital marketing course offered by ScholarsPro is very informative and useful for my career. I have learned various hacks that help in engaging traffic online which results growth in business graph of the company. I am very thankful for ScholarsPro for shaping my career.

Harshit Gupta


Freelancer, India

Trainers of ScholarsPro really believe in delivering perfection, they helped me in every step where I got stuck while training. This training gives me a vision of understanding marketing strategies that helped me a lot in earning way better than before. Thanks ScholarsPro for shaping my career.  I will definitely recommend ScholarsPro to someone looking forward to start their career in digital marketing.

Ajinkya Kulkarni

Digital Marketing Trainee

Geek Octopus, India

I have learned a lot from this training and cleared my concepts of digital marketing. The trainers at ScholarsPro were very polite and patient and always willing to help us by going out of the box. I am now able to provide better branding solutions which get me in the limelight at my workplace. I Thanks a lot ScholarsPro for providing an amazing learning environment.

Harpreet Kaur

Senior Project Manager

Infogain, India

This training provided me in-depth insight on adaptive project management. After this training I have managed to SCRUM projects successfully and developed a vision on planning strategies for a better user experience. Thanks ScholarsPro for providing such a useful training that gets me closer to my career goal.

Parthasarathi Gopal

Sr Officer- Business Intelligence & Performance Development

Department of Transport, Dubai

This training proves to an eye opener for me as it gives me a vision to implement the data science technology with R in my business. After this training, I have developed the ability to manage the performance of the team and taking decisions for handling business relates situations abruptly. I  would like to offer a big thanks to the trainer for delivering such a world class training on data Science with R.

Gigi Babu

Senior Integration & Digital Specialist

Mashreq Bank, Dubai

The trainer  elaborated every essential topic of Data Science with R and offered mentorship for industry based projects which is now helping me in handling projects in my organization. I am really happy to explore the statistics in Data Science with R and learned to implement the skill tactfully at work place. Thanks a lot ScholarsPro!

Mohamed Abbas

Business Intelligence Developer.

Ideal Soft, Dubai

I must say that the curriculum provided by ScholarsPro showed their level of perfection.  This Bootcamp was immensely useful for us in-terms of implementing the Data Science hacks in the industry to get a growth in the career. Our 3 days were filled with knowledge of data science technology, and how it can help us grow as a professional.

Mai Magdy

Territory Manager

The Coca-Cola Company, Dubai

My experience with ScholarsPro team and the arrangement of faculty was good. The trainer very focused towards delivering useful and valuable course related information.  I have implemented some of the techniques taught during the training which results impaccable for company business and bring lots of appreciation for me. Thanks a lot ScholarsPro for providing such an amazingly useful training.

Romana Malik

Financial Analyst at Coca-Cola Export Corporation

The Coca-Cola Company, Dubai

This Bootcamp training proves to be an amazing turn in my professional life. Focusing on training, brilliant trainer, explained every topic exquisitely and impressively. He made the learning experience very memorable and tried to make us understand the concepts of financial modeling very interestingly. This training gave me a chance to develop a unique vision for analyzing and resolving organizational issues. This training helped me in gaining the limelight at the workplace.

Joseph Haddad

Finance Director Middle East

The Coca-Cola Company, Dubai

I am very impressed with the training. I have learned various financial modeling techniques that I am implementing in my workplace and it results a better financial model. I would like to thank the trainer who helped us in dealing with projects and cleared our doubts as well. Due to this training I am now able to resolve the Project Finance issues efficiently.

Ashish Ladha

Finance Controller

The Coca-Cola Company, Dubai

I would like to Thank ScholarsPro for providing me the chance to prove myself professionally due to which I got promoted and always be in the limelight for incorporating logical functions for finance control in the organization. This training has really turned out as a stepping stone in my career. Thanks to this Bootcamp training I am on my way to achieve my career goals.

Karishma Vas Saldanha

Financial Analyst

The Coca-Cola Company, Dubai

This 3 day Bootcamp training has enlightened me with numerous techniques which is now having proved to be very helpful in implementing formulas to create a fruitful financial modeling chart for presentation. I am very grateful to ScholarsPro for conductingsuch an amazing training. Great Training, good job!

Syed Murtuza Ali

Financial Analyst

The Coca-Cola Company, Dubai

I must say thanks to ScholarsPro for conducting such an enlightening Bootcamp training. This training helped me to develop an understanding of the organizational issues and how to resolve them skillfully. However, I have dealt with various projects after this training that have drawn the attention of my seniors. Thanks to the trainer I would be able to work tactfully and gather the limelight at my workplace.

Taimoor Wasif

Financial Analyst

The Coca-Cola Company, Dubai

I like how mentorship was provided in the projects, we really were enlightened by the training, because of which I am now able to analyze the organizational financial issues and work proficiently on the advanced financial applications as well. This Bootcamp has helped me in achieving my career goals and evolve as a perfectionist. Thanks ScholarsPro for conducting immensely useful training.

Ismail Megder

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

The Coca-Cola Company, Dubai

This training gave me a new vision of managing and controlling the financial of the projects efficiently. This training has helped me a lot in my career growth. Thanks for providing us such an excellent Bootcamp training the trainer. I appreciate your efforts you made for making us understand each topic so wonderfully.

Shoaib Zahoor

Accounts Controller

Lafarge Emirates Cement Company LLC, Dubai

I would like to thank ScholarsPro for providing such a knowledgeable and wonderful trainer, who has made our learning experience really impeccable. I have gained abundant of appreciation for handling financial obstacles skillfully and preparing models using VBA efficiently.  I simply appreciate the unique ability of delivering training.

Najim Abdullah

Group IT Director & Specialist
IT Infrastructure - Data Center
and Disaster Recovery

Al Awael Group, Dubai

“My name is "Najim Abdullah Tayib" I am very thanks Mr. Rahul for his efforts, which gave me absolute confidence to get a training and a course + exam in a Cisco subject "ITIL, CCNA and CCNP"
This is not easy when you trust a person with something or give him a amounts and not a little, and he is different country and you are in a second country. Not impossible but very few for such a person. 
I have not and will not exaggerate in my words but the Word of Truth must be spoken
No matter how small the company is, but by the likes of the person "Rahul" will make it grow and become famous. Because i saw him he want to earn two keys things and one "reputation" which rarely find that is looking for reputable and second money
I wish Mr. Rahul and his family alll the best”



HCL Technologies Limited, India

Through this training I have evolved as a developer and gained confidence in implementing Hadoop know-how which helps me in getting a promotion and increment at my workplace. My Hadoop training with ScholarsPro was what I was looking for and I really had a great learning experience and would definitely recommend ScholarsPro for such vocational training to boost their career pace.

Sanjana Sudaresan


SASTRA Deemed University, India

Thanks to ScholarsPro I get the chance to learn the adequate use of Data Science with R technology through brilliantly structured modules under the mentorship of such an amazing trainer. This training helped me in paving my way to get a better job opportunity with a good salary package. Thanks ScholarsPro for helping me in  improving my skills in data science.

Sanjay Sinha


Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, India

After attending data Science with R online training with ScholarsPro I would say it was worth joining as it helped me a lot in applying my intelligence while forecasting, modeling and performing other tasks for Data Science in the organization.  I would definitely recommend ScholarsPro for Data Science with R training as they provide the best trainer and modules in the industry along with the best learning environment.

Manish Bodade

E2E Test Manager

Barclays Technology Centre, India

I must say this training helps me a lot in understanding the SAS technology and afterwards I am now able to work more efficiently with the development and testing of the applications. Thanks to Data Science with SAS training from ScholarsPro I not only cleared my doubts, but learned how to implement the skill-set in an effective manner. A thumps-up to ScholarsPro, I really had a great learning experience.

Ayush Sethi

Associate Software Engineer

Evalueserve, India

First of all I would like to thank the trainer for teaching us some great hacks of SAS which made the learning very interesting. This training helps me in getting an increment in my pay scale and gather lots of appreciation from my team members at the workplace. Thanks a lot ScholarsPro for providing me such a fruitful learning experience.

Sanjeev Sharma

Project Manager

Evalueserve, India

The training helped me in building my confidence for trying new things at my workplace because of which I have gathered the attention of my seniors. I am now handling the project efficiently and lead the team skillfully, which results a better and on time project delivery.  Thanks ScholarsPro I appreciate your methods!



Janalaxmi Financials, India

ScholarsPro is the best place for learning PMP ethics. The modules are very good and the trainer is a knowledge-bank. I have learned a lot from this training which will help me in my future. I would thank ScholarsPro for providing such a world-class learning environment where I enhanced my knowledge and grew as a professional.

Sanchita Dey

Senior Manager

Hewlett Packard, India

First of all I would like to thank the trainer, who was very Patient while dealing with our queries and explained everything wonderfully. This training proves to be a stepping stone for my career as I have learned various hacks on SAS technology and implementing them at my workplace. The training helps me in shaping my career graph. I would definitely look forward to join ScholarsPro in the near future. Thanks a lot! 

Loknathan A S

Manager Engineering & OSD

Sulzer, Singapore

ScholarsPro has the best modules and trainer to enlighten on PMP both theoretically and practically. Learning through practice sets helped me a lot in enhancing my thought process of dealing with various new situations. I have gained so much appreciation while dealing with new projects after this training. Thanks ScholarsPro for introducing me such an adequate class on PMP.

Rasul Mohamed

Project Lead JIE

Singapore Refining Company Private Limited, Singapore

ScholarsPro proves to be my milestone in my career, I have learned a lot on PMP that  helped me in scoring well in the exam and shaping my career in a better way. I have received so much appreciation for my work as a Project Lead after this training. Thanks ScholarsPro for providing such a great training.

Nipun Raj

Branch Manager

Reliance Capital, India

I must say ScholarsPro really has a team of scholars. I have learned lots of novice tricks of Digital Marketing that has helped me in handling various branding issues skillfully. After this training I have guided my team so well and achieved the target prior time. If anyone is looking for the great learning experience ScholarsPro is the best destination.

Diksha Thakur


NMIMS, India

ScholarsPro is a place where you can grow as a professional which will help you in shaping your career. Through this training I have dug deep into the digital marketing terminologies which has made me more determined about making my career in the industry.

Aarti Yadav

Business Analyst

Computer Sciences Corporation, India

The course content on Digital Marketing was excellent and covered the latest trends. This training leads me towards perfection in analyzing the obstacles of promoting brands online. After this training I have dealt with various brand campaigns successfully. Thanks ScholarsPro for providing such a fruitful training. I would recommend ScholarsPro to all my peers.


Technical lead

Incedo Inc, India

The trainers at ScholarsPro helped me in brainstorming and developing new skills on Scrum Master via really useful and updated course modules and projects. This training helped me in getting into the limelight along with an increment at my workplace. I am thankful to ScholarsPro for making me outshine at my workplace.

Arvind Pathak

Business Owner

Govind Corporation, INDIA

This training not only helped me in scoring well in the ITIL certification exam, but provided me the confidence and vision for aligning IT services tactfully. I have gained vision of using new techniques which have improved service operations and gained the reliability of the clients.  recommend ScholarsPro to my peers for an advanced learning.

Sharath Mara

Software Engineer

Birlasoft Ltd, India

ScholarsPro has the team of genius trainers who helps the trainees while training and prepare them to excel in the industry. I have made my ITIL concepts crystal clear and implemented them in my organization which get a lot of appreciation. This training helped me to grow as a perfectionist. Thanks a lot ScholarsPro, I appreciate the effort for providing such an impressive learning environment.

Rakesh Ahluwalia

Senior Software Engineer

Birlasoft Ltd, India

I am very happy with the ITIL training provided by ScholarsPro, this proves to be a milestone in my career. After this training I have not only improved my efficiency, but helped my team as well. I have managed various projects successfully get appreciated by my team and seniors. Thanks ScholarsPro for improving my credibility.

Akash Chetwani

Senior Associate - AAS - Risk Consulting

KPMG Lower Gulf

I would like to thank ScholarsPro for providing such an interesting and interactive training to our team. Our employees have learned lots of tacts to resolve complex situations in Data Science in this training.The trainer explained every complicated concept skillfully. After this training, productivity of the employees have been increased and they are now using the concepts of R more efficiently. The platform provided to us for online lectures was brilliant as well. This training is worth taking both for the company and the employees.

Shariq Saad

Information System Architect

Emaratech (formely Datel), Dubai

I learnt a lot and hats off to Jaydeep for his passionate teaching I could learn more what my colleagues have achieved in 2 years. The training modules were very crisp and enriched with all the in-trend. The best part of the training was industry based project practise-sets which help me in learning both theoretically and practically.Nevertheless, his erudite bombardment nearly eliminated by grey cells.

Anas Helali

IT Strategy Advisor

Sharjah Media Corporation, Dubai

Learned a lot from the session. Hats off to Jaydeep for his passionate teaching I have learned new strategy building techniques and enhanced my analytical skills as well. The training sessions were very interactive and he explained every topic by going out of the box. This training gives me a new viewpoint of using my skills tactfully in my industry.

Muhammad Riyaz Ahsan

Solution Delivery Manager

Emirates Airline, Dubai

The Data Science course is taught with extraordinary passion. The course is very informative and provides you all the knowledge needed to get started with Data Science and R. Moreover, the limelight of the training is project based practice sets which give live experience of dealing with real time situations. This training proves to be a milestone in anyone’s career! Superb Job!!!!

Aarushi Nudurupati

Data Analyst

KPMG, Dubai

The training was really good, the instructor took a lot of interest in delivering training with passion and was interested in making us learn which is rare. He made training sessions very interactive so that we could ask questions and clear our doubts completely. Nevertheless, attending this training proves to be the done thing in career perspective. It gives an exquisite turn to my career. Thanks a lot!!

Mihir Shetty

Data Analyst

KPMG, Dubai

Great learning in 3 days, learnt a lot from Mr. Jaydeep. He was very dedicated towards making the training sessions productive for us. The modules included every aspect that is essential nowadays, the practice projects helped a lot in acquiring knowledge on resolving in-trend industry situations. This training was really useful, hope we have some more time for this training. 

Louie Ayong

Implementation Consultant

Unit4, Singapore

It was worth joining ScholarsPro as I get the chance to meet one of the most knowledgeable trainers, who made the training interesting and interactive. The techniques I have learned during training, get me lots of appreciation at my workplace. This training gave me an idea on where should I start if I want to venture in the field of Data Analytics. Thanks ScholarsPro!

Yada Sornsakrin

BBA, Student

Thammasat University, Thailand

I would like to thank the trainer of ScholarsPro, who helped me in improving my R skills in the most interesting way. I have learned various new hacks and techniques that have enlightened me a vision to perform tasks more logically. I came to learn about the opportunities that will get me a massive perk. This training has led me a step closer towards my career goals.

Saleel Vellanikaran

Application Consultant

NCS Group, Singapore

Thanks ScholarsPro for providing us such a knowledgeable trainer, who listened to the queries patiently and tried to clear all of our doubts. This training helped me a lot in improving my productivity, which lead me to a promotion. Thanks to ScholarsPro I have taken a step forward to fulfill my career goals.

Navamuthumala Thiagarajanbe

Application Support Analyst

ExoonMobil (DISYS Singapore Pvt. Ltd), Singapore

The training was very interactive and the trainer helped a lot in understanding the concepts of R in the most adequate way. This Bootcamp enlightened me on the job scopes of Data Science. Moreover, I have learned the hacks that get me into the limelight at my workplace and increased my work efficiency and of course rating as well. I am thankful to ScholarsPro for conducting such a fruitful training.

Prince Joy

Servive Desk Analyst (Team Lead)

Etisalat, Dubai(UAE)

Thanks for your support, its nice learing experience with you , with your intensive coaching I am able to clear my ITIL foundation examination in firdt time. I and my 2 friend s we togher rigistered with your institue for the course and its really nice learning experience, with extremely qualified trainers. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and cooperative with a good zeal to make us understand about the importance of course and its details.

Taha M. Bhaijee

IT Manager

Admirals Trading LLC, Dubai

I would recommend Scholasrpro courses to anyone wanting to get certified for SCRUM Masters and related courses. So far, I feel this is one of the best investments. The information provided in the courses gives me assurance of the standard practices in the ICT industry projected environment. The study resources provided were up to the mark, I also like the versatility of being able to study and write exams with a professional institution using online tools.

Anandarup Mukhopadhyay

Project Manager

TCS, Malaysia

It has been a wonderful experience to be associated with you during my “learn while you earn” journey and no words could actually be put as my gratitude for the entire certification life cycle. The counselling, the payment process, the ease of operation, every aspect was professionally maintained and helped me throughout. I will surely be looking forward for more engagement in future. Thank you very much.

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