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Course Benefits

  • Would be able to manage the product in an agile environment
  • Become efficient enough to play the role of a Product Owner in the Scrum team
  • Be in the league to expand your career
  • Be in the limelight in your Scrum Team by knowing how to handle stakeholder efficiently
  • Enroll for a sure increment and promotion

Why Scrum Master Product Owner Training?

The requirement of a certified Scrum Master Product Owner is reaching its peak these days; the reason behind the job is increasing competitively is the importance of handling complex projects efficiently in the organizations and of course an attractive salary package. Choosing Scrum Master Product Owner as a career will get you the earning of more than $88K per annum. 
This training consists of 35 lectures that will make you understand the roles and responsibilities of the Product owner in the Scrum Team. However, the main agenda of the training is to manage the product elements and satisfy the stakeholders in order to uplift the business. This training gives you the idea of how important it is for the business to earn the faith of the stakeholder; moreover, you will gain understanding of managing the product backlog and removing the roadblocks. The supervision of the industry expert trainers will give you a vision of seeing the scrum scenario for sure. Nevertheless, the training is the best way to gain perfection on product handling in an agile environment. 

Who should join
Scrum Product Owner Training?

Anyone who has to interface with the business stakeholders and want to understand the role and responsibilities of a Product Owner to perform tasks in a Scrum Project should opt this course. 


The candidates should hold the certification of either SDC (Scrum Developer Certified) or SMC (Scrum Master Certified). Work experience is not required.  

Course Contents

Understand the Project Management Approaches
  • Know the methodologies of project management
  • Know what is sequential methodology?
  • Know about the concurrent methodology
  • Know what is agile or Scrum methodology?
  • The comparison between the project management methodologies
Know the elements of Scrum/Agile
  • The precepts of the Scrum/Agile 
  • Know what is Sprint – the Scrum process?
  • Know what is Sprint – the Scrum Meetings?
  • Know about the Story Cards
  • Understand the Product Backlog
  • Learn what is Sprint – Scrum Team?
  • Understand the responsibilities of a Scrum Master
  • Know the role of a Product Owner
  • Know what Sprint Control is?
Know the Process Steps
  • How to prepare the Product Backlog?
  • Assigning the Scrum Team
  • Initiating the Sprint – Sprint Planning
  • Executing the Sprint
  • The Sprint Demonstration
  • Refinement of the Backlog
  • What is Sprint Retrospective?


How to Manage the Backlog
  • Understanding of the Requirements management
  • Knowing the Stakeholder Engagement
  • How to write the Story Cards
  • How to Prioritize the Backlog
  • Release the Planning 
Managing the Sprint
  • Importance of Scrum Meetings 
  • Removing the Roadblocks
  • Why Sprint Demonstration Planning is important?
How to Manage the Agile/Scrum Methodology?
  • Understand the Role of management 
  • Understanding the Organizational Alignment
  • What is Strategic Alignment?
  • How to Select a Project?
  • The Challenges in Agile/Scrum
  • Know the Failure Points of Agile/Scrum


Why should I go for Scrum Product Owner certification training?

This training will give you a complete understanding of the Scrum framework along with the Scrum environment. You will learn about managing the stakeholders, which is important for business improvement. The certification will bring you in the limelight and make you eligible for a sure short increment. In short, this training is a step to success in the Scrum department. 

Who all should be benefitting from the Scrum Product owner Certification training?

Individuals who have completed either SMC or SDC training should go for this training and outshine in their Scrum Team.

What is the Scrum framework?

The understanding Scrum Framework is very important before you start digging inside the Product Owner’s profile. The framework follows the path of: Mapping > Prioritization of the tasks > Planning the sprint> Assigning the wok> be focused on the goal> Reviewing the sprint and the retrospective. 

Can I have the overview of the responsibilities of the Scrum Team?

Here are some of the highlights of the Product Owner’s responsibilities:

  • Improve the relationship with the stakeholders
  • Get the backlogs of the product cued up
  • Tend to manage the duties of the product likewise: discover the product, identify as well as make a list of the requirements and work on the backlogs
  • Manage to impress the stakeholders


How would I get benefited with Scrum Product Owner Certified Training?

The certification will help you in shaping your career. Through the Scrum Product Owner training you would learn to handle various real time situations that will make you outshine amongst your teammates. However, the training throws light on the managing the aspects that helps in progressing the project along. This Scrum Product owner Training would be a stepping stone in your career.

What are the points we should keep in mind before opting for Scrum Product Owner Certified Training?

 Here are the some of the criteria that you should keep in mind before choosing the institution for Scrum Product Owner training program:

  • Curriculum should be adequate
  • Student friendly learning environment
  • Hands-on sessions are the must
  • The trainers should have expertise on the subject matter
  • Query resolving sessions would be quite helpful
  • Access to the Learning Management Session

We in ScholarsPro provide all the facilities that make the learning experience extravagant and prepares the candidates to face the real time industry situations.


Whom should I contact if I want to know more about this course?

You can write us at info@scholarspro.com  or you can also contact us on the number provided on the website (relevant to your country). 

Would I get any certification after completing this training?

Yes, you will receive a training certificate after completing the Scrum Product Owner Certification Training from ScholarsPro. 

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