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Mr. Gary Tudball
Mr. Gary Tudball


Gary is a potential trainer with an extravagant industrial and training experience. He has worked for 15 years in the technology and development domains in Architecture Management and for 10 years as a project manager. He has gained 5 years of experience in Application Development. He has a rich educational background; he is an MBA from Monash University and a Graduate Diploma in Computer Science and Education. He is also a B.A. in Mathematics. He possesses the ability of highly developed analytical skills and can assess technology and process workflows in no time, which surely is an important aspect for proposing business as well as technology solutions. 
Focusing on his experience as a trainer, Gary has delivered training on various courses likewise: PRINCE2® Project Management – Foundation & Practitioner, Business Case Writing, ITIL® Foundation level, TOGAF® – Foundation & Certified level IT architecture methodology and Business Analysis Techniques. Gary has achieved numerous credentials like ITIL® Foundation & Intermediate, TOGAF® 9.1 Open Group Certification, Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Practitioner® and Six Sigma Yellow Belt, among others. 

Course Benefits

  • Get a clear understanding of the basics of Scrum
  • Complete understanding of the Scrum environment
  • Implementing the tools and techniques with perfection
  • Guide the development team both in self-organization and in the cross-functionality
  • Develop an understanding on how to educate the key stakeholders in the project based on the Scrum Principles
  • Add an advantage to your CV and the best career opportunities to expand in every sector adopting the Agile Practices.

Why to Join Scrum Developer Course?

A certification in Scrum Developer would get you great job opportunities that will provide you a good salary package along with job satisfaction. The developers with SDC earn $88,000, which is quite impressive. Moreover, the training will give you a complete understanding of the Scrum environment, which will help you while working on the projects. 

This course is designed to provide benefits to the software developers, who want or have to develop software in the Scrum environment. This training enhances your ability to get along with the Scrum experts and meet the expectations of the organization and become one of the best minds in Scrum. Here you will meet the industry expert trainer, who will help you in understanding the norms and ethics of the industry and help you in dealing with the real time industry projects. This training aims to enlighten you through the most adequate curriculum that is designed under the supervision of the experts. Nevertheless, you will get to learn the most adequate techniques and their efficient implementation to develop software that is practical and matches the requirements of the industry. 

Who should join
Scrum Developer Certified Training?

Individuals, who have a keen gest to develop their understanding of Scrum environment for developing the software.

Prerequisites for this Course

There are no prerequisites set for this course as this has been designed for the beginners willing to become a Scrum Developer Certified.

Course Contents

A Compete Introduction to Scrum

An overview of Scrum

  • Learn Project Management as a Decipline
  • The Lyfecycle Management of Software Development
  • About Tradtional PM
  • Know the History of Agile
  • The Principle of Agile Manifesto
  • Understand the Agile Methods
  • Know the History of Scrum
  • The Benefits of Scrum
  • Scalability of Scrum

Know the Scrum Concepts & Principles

  • The Principles of Scrum
  • Learn About the Empirical Process Control
  • Know about Self-Organization
  • What is Collaboration
  • What is Value-Based Prioritization?
  • What is Time -Boxing?
  • Know the Iterative Development
  • Learn the Aspects of Scrum

The Scrum Phases & Processes

  • The Scrum Phases
  • Initiate
  • Know About Plan & Estimate
  • Implementation
  • Review & Retrospect
  • Release
Iniciating a Project

Scrum Master

  • Identifying the Scrum Master
  • Identifying the the Stakeholders

Forming the Scrum Team

  • How to Form the Scrum Team
  • The Outputs of Forming a Scrum Team

Developing Epic s

  • Develop the Epics
  • Understanding the Epics and Personae
  • The Outputs from Developing Epics

How to Create a Prioritized Product Backlog

  • Creating the Prioritized Product Backlog
  • What is MoSCow Analysis?
  • Learn About Paired Comparision
  • The 100 -Point Method
  • Know About Kano Analysis?
  • Other Considerations as well as Inputs for Prioritization
  • Outputs of the Planning Prioritized Backlog

Release Planning

  • Conducting the Release Planning
  • Outputs of the Release Planning
Planning & Estimating for a Project

Performining Planning & Estimating a Project

Understand the Scrum Cycle – Plan and Estimate

How to Create the User Stories

  • Know About the User Story Meeting and the Workshops
  • Writing the User Stories
  • The Criteria User Story Acceptance
  • Outputs for the Writing User Stories

Learn to Approve, Estimate and Commit the User Stories

  • Know About User Group Meetings
  • Planning the Poker
  • What is Fist of Five?
  • Points for the Cost Estimation
  • What are the Other Estimation Techniques/
  • What are the Outputs from Approve, Estimate and Commit User Stories?

Creating the Tasks

  • Know the Task Planning Meeting
  • Two Parts of the Task Planning Meeting
  • Using the Index Cards
  • Know About the Decomposition
  • Determining the Dependencies
  • Outputs for Creating the Tasks

Estimating the Tasks

  • Know the Task Estimation Meetings
  • Establishing the  Estimation Criteria
  • The Output for Estimating Tasks

Creating the Sprint Backlog

  • How to Create the Sprint Backlog
  • The Scrumboard
  • Know About the Sprint Burndown Chart
  • The Velocity
  • What is Sprint Tracking Metrics?
  • What are the Output of Creating the Sprint Backlog
Implementing the Project

Implementation of a Project

How to Create the Deliverables

  • Creating the Deliverables
  • Building Deliverables
  • What is Refactoring
    Outputs for Creating the Deliverables

How to Conduct the Daily Standup (or Daily Scrum)

  • Conducting the Daily Standup Meeting
  • The Three Daily Questions
  • Know War Room
  • Managing the Distributed Teams
  • Know the Outputs from Conduct Daily Standup

Grooming of the Prioritized Product Backlog

  • The Product Backlog Review Meetings
  • Enable Communications
  • Learn About the Outputs of Grooming the Prioritized Product Backlog


Sprint Review and Retrospect

Understand the Scrum Cycle – Review and Retrospect

How to Convene a Scrum of Scrums/

  • Understand the Projects, Programs and the Portfolios
  • What is Scrum of Scrums?
  • The Four Questions per Team
  • Know the Outputs from Scrum of Scrums

Demonste & Validate the Sprint

  • Sprint Review Meeting
  • Tracking the Overall Progress
  • Know the Outputs of Demonstrate and the Validate Sprint

Retrospecting the Sprint

Conducting the Retrospect Sprint Meeting

What is Explorer-Shopper-Vacationer-Prisoner (ESVP)?

Learn About the Speed Boat

Metrics and the Measurement Review

Know the Outputs from Retrospect Sprint



Understand the Release

Know the Ship Deliverables

  • Introduction to the Ship Deliverables
  • Know About the Pilot Plan
  • know the Organizational Deployment Methods
  • Understanding the Communications Plan
  • Know the Outputs from Ship Deliverables

Retrospect Project     

  • Conducting the Retrospect Project Meeting
  • Using the Tools & Techniques?
  • Outputs from the  Retrospect Project



Who all can join this training?

This course is ideal for the individuals who are willing to develop more knowledge of the scrum environment to develop exquisite software which scrum requires. Individuals from developing and testing department, architects and other IT professionals would join this training.

What are the career benefits of Scrum developer certified training?

This training will lead you towards appreciation in the workplace; the training helps you in understanding the organizational know-how through which you can impress the interviewer and get a job with impressive salary package. Moreover, this will surely help you in enhancing your productivity and get you in the limelight. Nevertheless, this training will transform you into the total package that will get to closer to your career goals at a swift pace.

Do you provide any doubt clearing session after course completion?

Yes, you could clear your doubts via email 24/7. Query resolution sessions are organized on a weekly basis, where you can clear your doubts with the expert trainers.

Is joining SDC training online would be beneficial?

Of course, online classes provide you the facility to access the learning content anywhere, anytime. You will have the facility to resolve your queries via email 24/7 and all this under the supervision of the expert and experienced trainers. Thus, online SDC training surely is beneficial, especially for the professionals.

What all facilities would I get in this training?

Here are the facilities that ScholarsPro offers:

  • High Quality Videos of the learning sessions
  • 24X7 eLearning Access & support over the Email
  • Query Resolution Sessions
  • Learning with the industry experts
  • Get a Completion Certificate from ScholarsPro
If I want to know more or want to enrol, whom should I contact?

Feel free to write at info@scholarspro.com or you can call us on the number provided on the website (relevant to your country).

Would you provide any certification after completion of the training?

Yes, you will receive a training certificate from ScholarsPro after successfully completing the SDC training.

What are the objectives of the SDC course?

Here are the objectives of the Scrum Developer Certified course:

  • Helps in enlisting with the community of recognized Scrum experts promised to the continuous improvement.
  • Helps in expanding your career opportunities to all the sectors adopting the Agile practices by making you relevant and marketable to their standards.
  • Helps you in building confidence to testify to your core Scrum knowledge to the employers and peers.

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