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Designed for those IT Professionals who are desiring TOGAF Certification, a frequent stepping stone for someone who has been promoted into or is targeting a role as a solution architect, typically progressing from a technical lead position. The following specific role would likely find it useful in their work and also helpful in moving to the next level on a natural career progression.

  • Experienced Developers
  • Development Team Leaders
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business Architects
  • Program / Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Solution Architects
  • Application Architects
  • Data Architects
  • Information Architects
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Security Architects
  • Organizations that embark / implementing EA projects


This training focuses on the core principles, vocabulary, structure, and concepts of one of the prominent global framework for enterprise architecture, TOGAF 9. Here, you will explore the guidelines to define Enterprise Architecture and enable business-IT alignment, increase efficiency and planning leading to more visibility and informed decision-making. It can help you to quantify your level of professionalism in architecture principles and processes.


There are no formal prerequisites to attend the TOGAF 9.2 Level 1 (Foundation) course. However, it is recommended to have at least 8 years of experience in the related field. For Certified Level 2 it is expected that participants have passed the TOGAF 9.2 Level 1 (Foundation) exam.

Learning Objectives

  • To train professionals in the basic concepts of enterprise architecture and TOGAF.
  • To familiarize professionals with the features of TOGAF and its methodology.
  • To enable professionals to take best advantage of how to use TOGAF in their work.
  • To gain an understanding of the necessary body of knowledge to achieve
  • certification by Examination for TOGAF 9.2 at Level 1 (TOGAF 9.2 Foundation) or
  • Level 2 (TOGAF 9.2 Certified).

Key Features

  • 18 hours of instructor-led training
  • TOGAF word puzzle & reference card
  • Open Group accredited course
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Case study approach
  • Quizzes & practice test papers
  • Exam fee included for level 1 and level 2
  • Lifetime Access to Online Class Recording.
  • 24X7 eLearning Access & support over Email


This course is delivered in 6 full days

Course is delivered in an interactive classroom environment using:

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Case study approach
  • Group discussions
  • Quiz


TOGAF 9.2 is a well-recognized certification for Architecture professionals' world wide

Course Advisor

Mr. Anuj

Architect Expert

A professional with 30 years of overseas & indigenous experience in managing project & product operations encompassing Architecting, planning, analysis, design & core program coding, installations , implementation & testing for large & complex mission critical systems on varied platforms like IBM Mainframe, Tandem, UNIX in BFSI and Manufacturing Domain. He also has programming experience using PB (OOPS). He has delivered two projects on machine learning to the satisfaction of Microsoft USA.

Course Content

Session 1
  • Course overview
  • Introduction of participants
  • Module M00- Overview of EA
  • Module 0- Course introduction
  • Module 1- TOGAF 9.2.2 overview
    • Case study 1 –Winchester house
    • Case study 2 –Paris Guide
Session 2
  • Module 2-TOGAF 9.2.2 components
  • Module 3-Introduction to ADM
  • Module 4-Enterprise Continuum
  • Module 5-Architcture repository
  • Module 6-Architecture content framework
  • Module 7-Metamodel
    • EA Tool Demo for Repository, Content, Metamodel and IAV- Impact Analysis
    • Visualization clarification
Session 3
  • Module 8-Preliminary Phase of ADM
  • Module 9-Architecture Governance
  • Module 10- Business Scenarios
  • Module 11-Stakeholder management
  • Module 12-Views and viewpoints
  • Module 13-Building Blocks
  • Module 14-Implementation support
    • Hi-Med Case study introduction
    • Case study 3- Drivers
    • Case study 4 - Business transformation readiness assessment
    • Case study 5 - Stakeholder management
    • Case study 6 - Risk management
    • Case study 7 – RAW –SAW
Session 4
  • Module 15- Phase A Vision
  • Module 16-Phase B Business architecture
  • Module 16A-Phase B Business architecture views and viewpoints
  • Module 17-Phase C Overview of IS architecture
  • Module 18-Phase C- Data architecture
  • Module 18A- Data architecture views and viewpoints
  • Module 19-I3RM
  • Module 20-Phase C-Application architecture
  • Module 20A-Application architecture views and viewpoints
  • Module 21-Foundation architecture
  • Module 22-Phase D Technology architecture
  • Module 22A-Technology architecture views and viewpoints
    • Quiz2
    • Case study 8 - Business architecture
Session 5
  • Module 23- Migration planning
  • Module 24-Phase E-Opportunities and solutions
  • Module 25-Phase F Migration planning
  • Module26-Phase G Implementation governance
  • Module 27-Phase H Architecture change management
    • Quiz3
    • Case Study 9 –Application architecture
    • Case study 10- Consolidated gap analysis and dependencies
    • Case study 11 – Implementation planning
Session 6
  • Module 28- Architecture requirements management
  • Module 29-Architecture partitioning
  • Module 30-Iterations
  • Module 31-Securityarchitecture
  • Module 33-Architecture maturity model
  • Module 34-Architecture skills framework
    • Q & A
    • Clarification
    • Conclusion and feedback
    • Case study 12 - EA/ SA
    • Mockup Test Part1 and 2 Self Assessment


What is TOGAF®?

TOGAF® stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework – It is the industry- standard methodology and framework for performing EA work and is used by several thousand Enterprise Architects and consultants across the world. Several hundred organizations across the world use TOGAF process for their EA work and to improve their business-IT alignment.

Who provides this certificate?

TOGAF certification is provided by The Open Group which is headquartered in the U.K. The latest version of this certification is TOGAF 9.2 certification.

What are the different levels in this TOGAF® 9.2 certification?
There are two levels
  • TOGAF® 9.2 Level 1 (called Foundation certification)
  • TOGAF® 9.2 Level 2 (called Certified certification)

TOGAF® 9.2 Level 1 is only for those folks who need an overall awareness of TOGAF® 9.2.1. TOGAF® 9.2 Level 2 is for everyone who wants a detailed understanding of TOGAF® 9.2.1 and to practice TOGAF.

For architects and consultants Level 1 is not enough, they need to get certified at Level 2 because level 2 certification provides validation that in addition to knowledge and comprehension, the candidate is able to analyze and apply knowledge of TOGAF® 9.2. Professionals like you need Level 2 certification. Level 2 certification is also referred to by someas practitioner certification.

What is the procedure to get TOGAF 9.2 certification?

You will need to appear for the TOGAF 9.2 certification exam which is directly conducted by The Open Group at any Prometric test center in India or across the world and pass this exam to get certified. Passing in this exam is mandatory for TOGAF 9.2 certification.

There are two separate exams, one each corresponding to each certification level.

  • TOGAF® 9.2 Part 1 certification exam for getting certified at Level 1
  • TOGAF® 9.2 Part 2 certification exam for getting certified at Level 2

The procedure for TOGAF® 9.2 certification is:

  • Either you do Self-study of TOGAF® 9.2.1
  • Or, you attend the fully accredited TOGAF® 9.2.1 training program that covers both the levels of TOGAF® 9.2 certification which are level 1 and level 2. This training is for 4 full days in classroom. Complete the training. After one of the above,
  • You will need to appear for the TOGAF® 9.2 certification exam conducted by The Open Group at any prometric test center in India or across the world. If you have attended the training then you have to appear for the exam within one year of the course date
  • You will be provided with the exam voucher for this TOGAF® 9.2 combined part 1 and part 2 certification exam by us after completing the course. This voucher will be valid for one year from the course date. If you do not attend course, you will have to buy the voucher directly from Prometric

You need to pass both these exams (part 1 and part 2). Once you pass this exam, you will be certified by The Open Group as TOGAF® 9.2 certified

I read on some websites that I can get certified by just attending TOGAF® training program and on the last day of the training, the instructor will certify me as TOGAF® certified. There is no need to appear for and pass the exam. Is it true?

No. It is not true. As you might know, when The Open Group introduced TOGAF® 9 (the latest version of the TOGAF® certification) in 2009, they made sitting for and clearing the TOGAF® 9.2 certification exam mandatory for getting the certification. Once you pass this Prometric exam, you get the TOGAF® 9.2 certification from The Open Group directly in a few days’ time.

Only with TOGAF® 8, which was the latest version till end of 2008, there was an option to get certified by just attending the training.

Which version of TOGAF® will you be covering or teaching?

The latest version of the TOGAF documentation is TOGAF 9.2.1 documentation - you have to learn this for the TOGAF 9.2 certification. We have been and we will be teaching the latest version of TOGAF which is TOGAF 9.2.1, in our course. That means, we will be teaching the specifications (documentation) of TOGAF 9.2.1. Our course has been accredited for TOGAF 9.2.1.

What levels of certification do you cover? Do you cover both or only Level 1?

Our course addresses the TOGAF 9.2 Combined Part 1 and 2 exam which enables you to get certified at the level 2 itself (TOGAF 9.2 certified). Our course addresses the TOGAF 9.2 Combined Part 1 and 2 exam which enables you to get certified at the level 2 itself (TOGAF® 9.2 certified).

What is the guarantee that I will pass? What is the pass percentage of your participants? Will you give me pass guarantee?

We are confident that you will pass. We can tell you based on our past record. It is you who has to sit for the exam. We shall prepare you very well for the same. The success rate for our participants has been quite high, as given below: Our success rate has been 98%. We offer you TOGAF® 9.2 certification exam Pass Guarantee ! * We are confident that with our training quality, our past success record, and our special guidance to you, you will definitely pass in the TOGAF® 9.2 exam after you attend our training and prepare using the material that we give you. * The following conditions apply for the above pass guarantee:

  • You need to appear for the TOGAF® 9.2 certification exam within 3 months from the end- date of our TOGAF® 9.2.1 course that you attended
  • In the rare unlikely event that you do not clear the exam, we shall give you free retake voucher for re-appearing in your TOGAF® 9.2 exam
  • You need to send us the Prometric score sheet

Can I use the exam voucher anywhere in the world?

Yes. The Prometric exam voucher that we will give you for the TOGAF® 9.2 certification exam is an international Prometric voucher. It can be used at any Prometric test center in the world.

How will you send me the Prometric exam voucher? When will you give the voucher? after the course?

The Prometric exam voucher is a unique 10 digit numeric code. We will send it to you through email after the course.

I do not have architect experience - can i attend this course?

: Yes – you can attend. You do not need architect experience or architecture and design experience to learn TOGAF® and get certified. You just need to have an inclination to learn architecture. Anyone, who wants to pursue the architect career path or the consultant career path must learn TOGAF® and Enterprise Architecture (EA) and also get certified. EA and TOGAF® provide a high-level picture and context for all your Business and IT work. We will teach you the required architecture and design knowledge.

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