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Course Benefits

  • Increases the professional visibility to validate your ITIL services expertise
  • You would be able to act as the Chief Information Officer, IT operations practitioner or senior IT manager or supervisor
  • You would be able to apply the effective communication and stakeholder management techniques
  • Learn to integrate the service management processes in the service lifecycle
  • Learn to implement, improve as well as measure the service management capabilities
  • Why to Join MALC Expert Level Training?

ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle Certification (MALC)  

After completing the ITIL MALC certification exam you not only achieve the tag of ITIL expert, but gain a generous hike in your salary. Nowadays, an ITIL Expert earns more than $96,000 per annum; the MALC certified people are considered as the asset for the organization as they can perform the tasks that help in processing the project along with managing the Stakeholder.

This training helps the participants in preparing for the MALC certification exam and guides them through implementing the intelligence efficiently. Here at ScholarsPro you will meet the industry expert trainers, who will help you in understanding the ITIL framework thoroughly and makes you understand the purpose of implementing the techniques that will prepare you for facing the real time industry situations. Moreover, as you will be provided the 24/7 access to the learning management system (LMS) you would not be bound to time limitations and can enjoy the training anywhere, anytime. This training helps you in getting closer to your career goals.

Who should join
ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) Certification Training?

IT professionals, who have cleared the ITIL foundation and Intermediate level certification exams and have acquired 17 credits, should opt for this expert level ITIL certification training.


Here are the prerequisites for MALC expert level training:

  • The participants must have ITIL Foundation Certificate
  • 17 credits from the other ITIL qualifications are the must have credentials, which includes the intermediate, capability, and some earlier qualifications


Course Contents

Understand the Key Concepts of the Service Lifecycle

Reviewing the strategic as well as the managerial aspects of the service lifecycle

  • Understand the concepts of Designing, deploying and operating services end-to-end
  • Understand the concept of sharing knowledge across the lifecycle
  • Learn about the Risk assessment and risk management

What is the Service value across the lifecycle stages?

  • Realizing the business value in service operation
  • Why to Support the service lifecycle with service measurements
Learn about Governance and Organization

Impacting the service management with governance

  • The role of the IT strategy in setting direction and policy
  • Ensuring the appropriate governance

Learn about the Organizational structure, skills and competence

  • How to address the challenges of organizational development
  • Understand the Service provider types and service strategies


Implementing and Improving Service Management Capability

Understand the Service management capability

  • Identifying the external and internal drivers
  • Know the service lifecycle approach to service strategy

Assessing the service management

  • Performing the evaluations for the service provision
  • Benchmarking to identify the improvements

Enabling the effective improvement

  • Applying the improvement initiatives and the Deming Cycle
  • Key considerations for the improvement


Learn about the Communication and Stakeholder Management

Learn to coordinate with the business and suppliers

  • Understand the Business relationship management
  • Learn about the Stakeholder management

Ensuring the effective communication

  • Know the Service models for value creation
  • The concept of Communicating during the stages of the service lifecycle


Know about the Integrating Service Management Processes across the Lifecycle

What is the impact of service strategy on lifecycle stages?

  • What is the Strategy management for IT services?
  • Know the Business relationship management

Understand the Analyzing service design

  • What is the Coordinating design?
  • The Service catalog management
  • Understand the Availability management
  • What is the Capacity management?

Learn about the Organizing for service transition

  • What are Transition planning and support?
  • Know about the Change management and evaluation

Understand the Planning service operation

  • Know the Event and incident management
  • Understand the Request fulfillment

Implementing the continual service improvement

  • Know the Designing service solutions
  • Understand the  seven-step improvement process
Learn to Manage the Services across the Service Lifecycle

Capturing the customer and stakeholder needs

  • Identifying the needs and requirements
  • Ensuring the appropriate priority

How to manage cross-lifecycle processes?

  • Connecting the service design, transition and operation with the Service Design Package (SDP)
  • Involving the service transition in the early stages
  • Know about the Business users and stakeholders in service rehearsals

Balancing the potential conflicts and competing issues

  • Implementing as well as improving services
  • Know the Service Level Management (SLM)
  • Understand the Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Reviewing the business trends and changed priorities
  • Know the Challenges, critical success factors and risks

What is Measurement?

Know the types of measurements

  • Determining as well as using metrics
  • How to Metrics to validate, justify and direct

Designing the measurement frameworks

  • Developing the measurement methods and metrics
  • Understand the concept of Monitoring and control systems


How the MALC certifications help me in my career?

ITIL training is very much in trend because it helps the IT professionals in understanding the project processing strategy in the IT industry. However, you will grow as a professional and the tactful use of the technology and techniques for handling the projects will bring you the limelight at your workplace. This ITIL MALC training can make you the expert of the service lifecycle, which helps you in enhancing your career graph and earning good perks as well. 

Does ITIL MALC expert level exam help in salary increment?

Of course, ITIL MALC helps is getting the desirable increment in your salary. As this is the final step of ITIL service lifecycle training, you will acquire knowledge on implementing some of the most adequate techniques of managing the IT projects. Apart from the theoretical learning, you will get introduced to the real time industry projects that will help you in impressing the employer and getting a job with the package that you deserve and expect.

What are the eligibility criteria for ITIL MALC expert level certification training?

Participants must have cleared the ITIL Foundation Level and the ITIL Intermediate certifications prior joining ITIL MALC Expert Level Certification Training.

Do I receive any participation certificate after completing this training?

Yes, you will receive a training certificate from ScholarsPro after completing ITIL MALC Expert Level training.

How do I attend the ITIL MALC exam?

You have to register for the ITIL MALC exams on Axelos after completing the training. The online exam has various slots, you can book which suits you the best.

Whom should I contact if I want to know more about this course?

You can either write us at info@scholarspro.com or can contact us via making a call on the number given on the website (relevant for your country). 

Would online training help me in preparing for the MALC expert level exam?

Yes, online training is very much in trend these days as it helps you to learn with the industry experts that too with 24/7 learning facility. In the case of MALC, you will get to know some of the most extensive project management techniques and the real time industry hacks that will make your career pace up in a positive way. Nowadays, online is the new trend and is very beneficial for the professionals.

Do you provide any doubt clearing session?

Yes, we do provide doubt clearing sessions. You can quench your queries with some of the most experienced and expert trainers of the industry.  

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