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Course Advisor

Neetu Verma
Neetu Verma


Neetu Verma has achieved enormous and extensive experience both in the industry and in providing training around the globe. She has worked as a Project manager, Business Analyst and as a Technical Project Leader in numerous reputed organizations in the world. She has more than 10 years of experience in providing training and conducting workshops across companies and the government organizations. Focusing on her educational qualification, she is a PMP certified professional; moreover, she has done certification in PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP, etc. 

Course Benefits

  • Helps you in understanding the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 along with the information security controls
  • Learn to know about the principles and concepts of the information security
  • Develop an understanding of the concepts of information security controls and guidelines for their implementation
  • Learn to participate in the information security audits
  • Helps in getting into the limelight in the workplace

Why to Join ISO/IEC 27001 Information Management System Certification Training?

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Management System Certification is very much in demand these days as it helps the professionals in enhancing their intelligence on the security management and identifying and managing the risks as well. The organizations do not mind to paying a handsome salary to an ISO/IEC 27001 certified professional. 
ScholarsPro ensures to provide crisp and extensive course modules designed according to the international standards. Moreover, you will meet the trainers, who will help you deal with the real time industry based situations. The participants will get to know all about the information system of the organization, identifying and analyzing the risks and taking initiative to resolve the issues. This training would help you in enhancing your ability, which will bring you in the limelight in the workplace.    

Who should join
ISO/IEC 27001 Certification Training?

The training proves to be ideal for:

  • Information security managers
  • Information security risk specialists
  • Information security consultants and auditors
  • Information security officers
  • Managers and business owners
  • Individuals, who are Indulge in implementation as well as in administration of the information security management system


There is no prerequisite specified for this training, but if you have familiarity with information security principles and concepts that would surely help you.

Course Contents

An introduction to the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Management System
  • Learn the Concept of Information security
  • Know about the ISO 27k family
Know about the Context of the organization
  • What is context of the organization?
  • Know the scope of the ISMS
  • The concept of the Leadership and commitment
  • Understand the Information security policy
  • Learn about the Organizational roles, responsibilities and the authorities
  • Know about the Information security risk assessment 
  • Understand the concept of Information security risk treatment
  • Know the objectives of the Information security
  • Know the concept of Competence and awareness
  • What is Communication?
  • Understand the Documented information
  • Know about the Operational planning and the control
Evaluating the Performance
  • Learn the concept of the Monitoring, measuring, analysis and the evaluation 
  • What is Internal audit?
  • The Management review
  • Understand the Nonconformity and the corrective action
An Overview of the second part of the course
What are Information security policies?
  • Know the concept of Management direction for information security
The Organization of the information security
  • The concept of the Management direction for information security 
  • Contracting with the authorities and special interest groups
  • Mobile devices and the teleworking
Understand the concept of Human resources security
  • Know the Human resources security - Prior to the employment 
  • Know the Human resources security - During the employment
  • Know the Human resources security - Termination or the change of employment
What is Asset management?
  • What are the Responsibilities for the assets?
  • What is Information classification?
  • Know all about the Media handling


What is the Access control?
  • What are the Business requirements for the access control?
  • Understand the User access management
  • Understand the User responsibilities 
  • Know the System and the application access control
What is Cryptography?
  • Know the concept of Cryptographic controls?
Know what is the Physical and environmental security?
  • Learn about the Physical and the environmental security - Secure areas 
  • Learn about the Physical and the environmental security – Equipment
What is the Operations security?
  • Know about the Operational procedures and the responsibilities
  • Know about the Protection from malware
  • What is the Backup?
  • Develop understanding of the Logging and the monitoring
  • Control of the operational software
  • What is Technical vulnerability management?
  • What are the Information security audit considerations?
What is the Communications security?
  • What is the Network security management?
  • Know about the Information transfer
Know about the System acquisition, development and maintenance
  • What are the Security requirements of information systems?
  • Understand the Security in development and support
Understand the Supplier relationships
  • Understand the concept of Information security policy for supplier relationships
  • Learn about the Supplier service delivery management
Know the Information security incident management
  • Understand the Management of information security incidents
What are the Information security aspects of business continuity management?
  • What is the Information security continuity?

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