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Course Benefits

  • Understand the basics of the six sigma along with lean thinking
  • Would be able to identify the principles of lean and other waste
  • Would be able to manage the performance with validated data and eradicated guess work
  • Develop the ability to manage the stakeholder and improve your communication skill
  • Develop the ability to analyze the problems and more focused on solving it efficiently
  • Know all about the Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC methodologies in order to meet the objectives of your organization
  • Assimilating the steps of the DMAIC process and know the use of tools for each phase

Why to Join Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training?

Six Sigma training is the best way to improve your credibility which can lead you towards analyzing the work process problems and how to resolve them smartly. Focusing on Yellow Belt, it is the first step of three Yellow, Green and Black) thus, even the beginners could join this training in order to enhance their credibility and mark their presence amongst the most preferred volunteers in the organization. 
In this training you would learn about the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and the control model) methodology. Here you will learn the potential use of the six sigma techniques and tools to resolve problems. This lean six sigma yellow bely certification training enables a comprehensive collection of the process statistics that will help you in improving your insight on the process improvement with minimal effort. In short, this is the best way to outshine at your workplace.

Who should join
Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

  • Individuals, who wish to gain functional knowledge to improve the business should go for this course.
  • Professionals willing to gain insight on improving their quality should join this course.  


What are the Prerequisites for This course?

Six Sigma Yellow belt training does not require any sort of work experience as this is designed for the individuals playing a small role or desiring to enhance their functional intelligence.


Course Contents

  • Understanding the Six Sigma 
  • An overview of Six Sigma
  • Understanding the goals of Six Sigma
  • Know the approaches of Six Sigma
  • Reasons why organization prefer Six Sigma
  • Mathematical Interpretation of Six Sigma
  • The roles in the Six Sigma Organization
  • Learn about the Key Stakeholders
  • Deep understanding of DMAIC methodology
  • Introduction of the 7 Primary Quality tools
  • Learn about the types of Data
  • What is DFSS?

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