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Moody’s Analytics is a prominent name in the financial services industry, known for its world-class training, consulting, and software services. The Financial Modeling Program is an extremely powerful certification course from the financial leaders Moody’s Analytics that can help you gain efficiency as well as accuracy in creating robust and successful financial models all on your own. You’ll receive an industry recognized and internationally accepted certification in Financial Modeling from Moody’s Analytics upon successful completion of the course, which would further validate your knowledge and expertise in the art of Financial Modeling.

Course Benefits

  • 40 Hours of High Quality e-learning Content
  • CFA Institute’s ® Approved Provider Program.
  • Doubt clearing sessions on real-time basis
  • Regular Assignments and Project submission to test the performance
  • An interactive Check Your Understanding (CYU) Question session
  • Test and Project Submission at end of course
  • Home Work (comprising of assignments and submission of projects which will be evaluated by experts through an e-mail correspondence)
  • Test and Certification (are optional depending on individual need of the learner)
  • Certified Trainers and Industry Experts
  • Standardized course content aligned with core concept of Financial Modeling
  • 24x7 access to e-learning resources for 6 months
  • Access to Excel Templates that can be re-used and modified
  • Learning under the guidance of certified industry experts

Course Overview

Finance is unarguably one such domain where professionals have to remain involved with large amounts of numbers all the time. As such, expertise in financial modeling can serve as a sure shot way to gain a competitive edge over others in the profession. 
Financial Modeling, which is rapidly gaining significance in the global finance industry,is basically a technique used to depict financial statements and investment analysis by means of building financial modelswith the help ofMicrosoft Excel. Knowledge of Financial Modeling is considered to be a major skill set that not only helps increase your work efficiency and accuracy, but also enables you to derive optimal business solutions.
This particular online training course on Financial Modeling from Moody’s has been designed ina very simple, easy to understand format,that covers right from the most basic to the most advanced concepts in a step-by-step manner. The course will take you through the guidelines to SEC filings and will equip you with detailed know-how on how to analyze financial statements. You’ll learn about the industrybest practices for developing earning models that are at par with the global standards and are used by leading investment banks across the world.
Loaded with hands-on projects, this course will make you attain thorough practical experience on designing and developing solutions to real-life financial modeling challenges. By the time you’ll complete this course, you would have gained enough knowledge and practical understanding to create detailed and well defined financial models, right from scratch, all on your own.

Who should join
Moody’s Financial & Valuation Modeling Certification Course?

Ideally Intended For:

Investment Banking Professionals
Individuals working in the domains of Project Management, Equity Research, Business Planning &Strategy
Professionals involved in Private Equity Funds or Commercial Banking
CAs, CFA Program-holders, FRMs, Finance professionals
MBA,B.Tech, and Commerce Graduates willing to make a career in any of the aforementioned profiles

Pre-requisites/Eligibility Criteria

Basic Knowledge of Excel
Knowledge of Accounting
Basic to Moderate understanding of Excel worksheets
Laptop/Desktop with Windows applications (Excel and PowerPoint)

Course Contents

  • Guide to SEC Filings
  • Analyzing Financial Statements
  • Understanding the Best Practices in Financial Modelling
  • GAAP to Non GAAP Reconciliation
  • Restating Income Statement
  • Identifying Revenue Drivers
  • Identifying Cost Drivers
  • Understanding Operating Leverage
  • Forecasting Revenue Drivers and Cost Drivers
  • Forecasting the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet
  • Calibrating Estimates with Consensus
  • Using Scenario Analysis
  • Debugging of the Financial Models



How will I benefit upon taking up the Moody’s Financial Modeling Training Program?

Upon attending this Financial Modeling training course, you will have a clear and practical understanding of creating detailed and well defined earnings models, which will not only help speed up your financial work, but will also multiply your efficiency to take better informed business decisions. You’ll have a validated skill set recognized across the global financial industry, and will hence gain an edge above your competitors in the finance domain.

Do I need to have any specific background knowledge to pursue the Financial Modeling Training Program?

It is recommended that participants do have basic knowledge of accounting and MS Excel which will help make learning easy and facilitate better absorption of the concepts.

What is the total duration of the course?

The Moody’s Financial Modeling Training Programspans over40 Hours of highly focused, interactive, high quality audio video lectures. 

Who all can benefit from the Financial Modeling Training?

This training program on Financial Modeling from Moody’s can be highly beneficial for all those involved in the spheres of Investment Banking, Project Management, Equity Research, Commercial Banking, and Business Planning & Strategy. Besides, CAs, CFA Program-holders, FRMs, and finance professionals can also benefit from the course. Also, freshers from management, engineering, and commerce backgrounds, who are willing to make a career in any of the aforementioned profiles can also take up the course.

Will I receive any certificate upon completion of the course?

Yes! You will be awarded with an industry recognizedcertification in Financial Modeling from Moody’s Analytics upon your successful attainment of the course.

I would want to know more about the program before arriving at any decision. Whom do I contact?

You can connect with us over phone, e-mail or through the Live Chat Window on our website for any kind of assistance/support.

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