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Course Overview

A one-of-its-kind training program sculpted and put together by international finance experts to make you gain more than just knowledge, but mastery in the global financial markets. Offered as a package of four (4) courses, this Master’s Program in Investment Analysis will provide you detailed understanding and hands-on experience on the concepts of:
  • Industry Analysis: Based on globally recognized industry analysis techniques, this course covers all the essentials required to assess the profitability and effectiveness of a given industry.
  • Financial Modeling: Get exposed to industry best practices for creating earning forecast models and learn to develop detailed yet simplified financial models as used by leading investment banks across the world.
  • Equity Valuation: Learn the best practices, approaches, and methodologies embraced by practicing investment analysts all over the globe to derive robust, yet economically viable company valuations.
  • Investment Note Writing: Aimed at sharpening the writing skills of professionals involved in the domain of investment analysis, this course is loaded with ample of practical based exercises to make you an expert in writing crisp and effective investment notes. 
Furnished with real-life case studies, practice exercises, and high-quality interactive modules, the program is the perfect platform to upskill in the financial services industry. You’ll be trained on the industry best practices and working standards as accepted and followed in the international markets.

Who should join Moody's Certification Program in Investment Analysis?

Ideally Intended For:

The Master’s Program in Investment Analysis is ideally meant for all those who are: 
  • Working as Business Analysts or are aspiring to be one
  • Professionals working in Captive Outsourcing Units
  • Individuals employed in KPOs in the financial research space
  • Finance Professionals
  • Students aspiring for careers in the capital markets

Pre-requisites / Course Eligibility

Key prerequisites that candidates should ideally fulfill to gain maximum from this Master’s Program in Investment Analysis are:
  • Understanding of Accounting & Financial Statements Integration
  • Knowledge of Valuation Modeling
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Excel worksheets
  • Laptop/Desktop with Windows applications (Excel and PowerPoint)
Doubtful about your eligibility?No worries, let us help! Share your resume along with your contact details at info@scholarspro.com, and we will connect with you within 24 hours with all the necessary information.

Learning Path

Learn what all is required to shape the profitability of an industry. Know about the forces and factors that contribute to industry analysis, and understand how to describethe profit trajectory of an industry.You’ll learn how to carry out SWOT analysis of an industry. Loaded with real life case studies, industry examples, an industry analysis checklist, and all the other essential elements, this course will make you gain expertise in effective industry analysis techniques.

Course Curriculum

This step-by-step course has been specifically designed to make the students attain in-depth understanding of the process of Financial Modeling, starting right from the most basic concepts and heading towards the most intricate ones.You’ll be trained on developing earnings forecast models that are at par with the global standards.  By the time you’ll complete this Financial Modeling training course, you’ll have a good hold on the industry best practices involved in building earnings models and will be able to create a detailed financial modelfrom scratch, all on your own.

Course Curriculum

This course will make you attain a strong understanding of both the cash flow-based and relative valuation methods, so as to enable you to easilyderive a comprehensive valuation for a company. You’ll learn the equity valuation best practices that have been recognized and adopted byexpert investment analysts on an international level. With the help of real-life case studies and project based learning, you’ll be provided hands-on knowledge on corporate valuation methodologies, sensitivity analysis, and real company valuation.

Course Curriculum

If you have been wishing to polish your ‘persuasive writing’ skills, which are in fact a must for investment analysts and corporate executives, then this particular course on Investment Note Writing will certainly help sort things out for you. This is a powerful,lucid, comprehensive course, which is backed with practical exercises to make you learn the essentials of effective and influential writing.  Based on Barbara Minto’s Pyramid Principle, this course will make you understand and apply Logic & Structure principles and best practices for creating a unique investment note write-up. You’ll be provided with detailed insights on the language, vocab, and the flow that a write-up should ideally have.Upon completion of this course, you’ll be well equipped to create crisp, clear and sharp hitting investment reports.

Course Curriculum


Do I need to have any specific background knowledge to pursue the Master’s Program in Investment Analysis?

Though there are no mandatory prerequisites/eligibility that you need to fulfill to take up this course, understandingof Accounting & Financial Statements Integration and Valuation Modeling would be a certain advantage. Besides, you should also possess basic working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

What is the total duration of the course?

Our Master’s Program in Investment Analysis comprises of 95 Hours of high quality course content

What all will I learn upon taking up this Master’s Program in Investment Analysis?
Our Master’s Program in Investment Analysis comprises of four (4) power-packed courses that will equip you with in-depth knowledge on various aspects of investment analysis, basically covering:
  • Understanding the five forces framework for industry analysis
  • Understanding SWOT for a company
  • Using an industry analysis checklist for gauging the attractiveness of an industry
  • Guide to SEC Filings; Analyzing Financial Statements
  • GAAP to Non GAAP Reconciliation
  • Restating Income Statement
  • Identifying & Forecasting Revenue Drivers and Cost Drivers
  • Forecasting the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet
  • Market Capitalization - Based Multiples
  • EV/EBITDA and Industry Specific Multiples
  • Basic Concept of DCF,Common Errors in DCF; SoTP Valuation
  • Introduction to Investment Note Writing
  • Logical Thinking, Writing, and Presentation
  • Sentence Construction, Punctuation, Flow Chart
  • Linking Words and Phrases; Using Effective Headline and Writing in Bullets


Who is this program ideally intended for?

The program is intended for individuals who are either working as Business Analysts or are aspiring to be one. Besides, finance professionals, individuals working in Captive Outsourcing Units, and thoseemployed in KPOs in the financial research space will also benefit from the course. Also, freshers/students willing to make a career in the capital markets can also join the course.

Will I receive any certificate upon completion of the course?

Yes! You will be provided with a Master’s Certificate in Investment Analysis from Moody's Analytics upon your successful attainment of the course.

I would want to know more about the program before arriving at any decision. Whom do I contact?

You can connect with us over phone, e-mail or through the Live Chat Window on our website for any kind of assistance/support.

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