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Education is the best gift you can give to anyone!

How true is that! If you have the knowledge, you have the skills, then why not share it with others and let them benefit from the power of your knowledge as well?

Being a trainer/mentor/instructor is a respected job that requires extensive command over the subject, great communication skills, and a willingness to set a foot outside your comfort zone to make the concepts as clear as possible to your students. We, at ScholarsPro, truly honor the grit and spirit involved in the profession, and would like to extend ourselves as a platform where you can showcase your skills, while reaping monetary rewards for the same.

Hence, if you think you have:

  • The requisite knowledge and expertise in any of our core domains
  • Sheer passion for teaching
  • Are inclined to share your knowledge with the aspirants from all across the world

You are Most Welcome to join our Eminent Team of Faculty Members!!

We, at ScholarsPro, will provide you with all the support and assistance that won’t only help augment your skill set and knowledge base, but would also aid you to churn out some really exciting and rewarding learning experience for the students.

Key Benefits you’ll Experience as an Instructor at ScholarsPro:

  • Work flexibility
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded people
  • Connect with a huge learner base from all across the world
  • Showcase your knowledge and expertise
  • Finestutilization of your free time

As an Instructor, your Key Responsibilities would include:

  • Being an active member of the course development team
  • Taking sessions (online/classroom) as per the mode preferred by you
  • Carrying out assessments
  • Clarifying course related doubts and queries of the students
  • Guiding the students throughout the course and until they appear for their respective certification exams (if applicable)

If you wish to join in as an instructor and explore the benefits lying therein, send in your detailed candidature at info@scholarspro.com, mentioning your key area of expertise, and we shall get back to you with further details and the procedure ahead.

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